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Cleaner Burning CandleNon-Toxic
Metal-Free, Unbleached Cotton Wicks
Longer LastingAll Natural Wax 
Renewable Resource
Environmentally Safe
Phthalate-FreeParaffin (Petroleum) Free

Our Hip & Hippie candles are handmade, with completely
all natural soy wax that has been certified Kosher and FDA approved. They burn 40-50 percent longer than traditional paraffin candles while remaining environmentally safe and eco-friendly. Our candles are made with non-petroleum renewable resources. They are biodegradable, pesticide, herbicide and Genetically Modified Material FREE. We do not add dyes or synthetic chemicals to enhance the performance and scent of the candle. Animals are also respected by keeping our wax free of beeswax and animal testing.

There are thousands of different wicks for candle use.
Many are bleached, contain lead and other metals. We
have taken years to find the best wicks for our candles.
We use a German handcrafted, 100 percent, unbleached cotton, lead-free wick. Any substances used in a wick,
when burned, will disperse into the air. A good quality,
clean wick is essential for a clean burning candle.

We work with a French, Master Perfumer to create our
own specially blended signature fragrances. Pure essential oils
are always used in our blends. We choose to leave
out unnecessary preservatives and additives that are
widely used in the fragrance world of candles and room sprays. We believe that our fragrances should be as close
to a natural experience as possible. A clean, fresh and light scent is close to what nature shares with us. Our blends
will not overload your senses and cloud your environment.

Any candle can produce some soot from a flame burning
too high or too hot. Our soy wax candles will noticeably produce less soot than a petroleum-based paraffin candle. On average, 100% soy candles will produce 90 percent
less heavy soot than petroleum based candles.

Many candle additives are used by the candle industry to enhance the candle’s color, scent and burn time. These additives contribute even more damage to our planet. They include using synthetic dyes for color, chemicals to make the candle harder to insure a perfect look and shape, chemicals to give a glossier finish, a longer burn, to stick to the glass better, anti-fading additives to fight UV lighting, make the scent stronger,  and on it goes. These additives have warnings that state, “These products are hazardous if miss-used. Do not ingest. Avoid prolonged skin contact, keep away from pets and children.” These additive infused candles are in our homes, around our children and our pets. They release toxins into the environment daily. We choose not to use any of these synthetic additives in our candles. In fact, our unscented wax is so clean and pure it is edible. Our scents are environmentally friendly as well. We believe that our customers prefer and appreciate burning a clean candle. Slight Imperfections may occur with a candle free of these additives. They include sweating, cracking, bubbling or discoloration. Go to Candle 101 to learn more.

For the best tips to help you enjoy the maximum benefits of burning our soy
candles, we've provided you two links. Click Candle 101 for general use. Click Candle Safety and educate yourselves for the safest way to use your soy candles. Read once and you'll be a life-long candle burning expert.

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