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The launch of needful products in partnership with like-minded, mission driven organizations wouldn’t be possible without the help of many special people and our family. With their guidance, love and support, we have stayed strong and true to our path.

Mom and Dad, your unconditional love, faith and support in us continues to shape us. We feel honored to be your girls. Thank you for being the best parents any child/adult could wish to have. You continue to teach us by example and we are forever grateful.

To the rest of our family who has stood by us and supported us all the way, we thank you.

Our premier supporter, John Antioco, thank you for extending your valuable time and support. Your business mentoring has been a blessing to us.

Richard Jensrud, we thank you for rolling up your sleeves and giving us your business direction with the hand of a true friend.

Thank you Gentlemen.


We could not have used the Internet as a vehicle to create our own presence without the help of these gifted people.

Kris Hundt for your unique eye and ability to capture with photographs, the essence of our products.   www.krishundt.com 

Russ Aman for your precise product photos. 

James Jeffcoat for brilliantly helping us with html.   www.jamesjeffcoat.com

Suzi Kressler, thank you for capturing our voice with your edits and trimming our enthusiasm into meaningful sentences.

James Martin & Jim Brown for always answering our panicked calls and keeping our computers humming when we hit a glitch.

Our products could not be available without the help of top-shelf vendors, employees and representatives. We’ve been blessed with a perfect match. Each of you is a story in itself. You have become friends and family to us. Thank you.

Thank you to all of the spas and retail outlets for believing in our mission and sharing our products with your clients.


We have traveled many roads on this journey and we are grateful for each one of them.

We sincerely thank you all. Peace & Love

What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you.

- Oprah Winfrey