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Trading with Hip & Hippie Means Involving Yourself in Philanthropy!

When you buy from us, you are also getting involved in making our world a better place.
At Hip & Hippie, we’ve made a commitment to donate a portion of our profits to support
people and animals in need, including the most reputable planet-loving charities that make a difference in improving the quality of life for us all. As Hip & Hippie grows, so will our list of
national and international organizations that will receive our support.

For example, there are organizations that are creating recycling and composting programs that also give free education. Environmental action groups including scientists, lawyers and a myriad of professionals are fighting to create new laws that protect and benefit our planet. People are working together worldwide to protect ecologically important lands and water for nature and its inhabitants. Experts are helping to protect and rebuild our ecosystem to make the strongest impact for our planet. Young boys and girls, our planet's future, are offered safe places and opportunities for them to learn, play and build their character. Teams of people are working together to build homes for our homeless. Others are fighting for the rights of animals, saving them from horrific conditions and finding them loving homes.

Do you know of an organization you would like us to consider supporting?

Please write to us and let us know!

We welcome your suggestions of organizations you support. Please write and introduce them to us at

[email protected]

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.

- Albert Einstein