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At Hip & Hippie we have chosen to create pure and clean products that respect our planet, our people and our animals who share it.

We do this by limiting unnecessary packaging in each product and by choosing materials that are earth-friendly and can be reused or recycled.

Within our working environment, we use the highest standards to function responsibly by recycling and reusing. Here is how we do our part to respect and our planet and renew its beauty.

Re-use shipping pallets, boxes, and packing materials when possible.
Only use planet-friendly cleaning products.
Purchase office, shipping and production supplies that are reusable or recyclable.
Go paperless when we can.
Recycle our inner-office plastics, metals and recycled paper.
Utilize only the highest quality earth friendly materials in our product lines.
Purchase used office furniture and equipment.
Support environmentally conscience vendors.

We take every opportunity to share our education with you, our consumers, who’ve made

the decision to purchase earth, people and animal friendly products. Every choice we make,
impacts today, tomorrow and the future.

At Hip & Hippie, we work with conviction and love by extending our appreciation to all life
forms. One person, one purchase at a time, we can make a difference working together
for a cleaner earth.

Made on our planet with love

Love is doing small things with great love.

- Mother Teresa